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All our clients can also buy a gift card using PayPal. Our direct link for paypal is:

Our email address for PayPal is [email protected]

You can decide the value of the gift card you wish to buy and send the amount on PayPal saying in comments the name of the client. Basically, you or someone else you might decide to make the gift, can use that gift card in the restaurant, it will be enough to tell us the name you used for the gift card payment. ( Example: client John John buys now a gift card for 20 euro value, he is paying on PayPal 20 euro saying in comments when he is making the payment that he s paying for a gift card for john john. The client john john comes to the restaurant and he eats or drinks in the value of 20 euro what he wants and instead of paying with money he tells us he has a gift card on the name of john john - Is that Easy :) )

Also the Gift Cards can be paid directly in the restaurant, both by card or by cash and you will get a post card signed by us with the value of your gift card, this way you will know how much you can spend into the restaurant! Also this is a great gift for someone you care about or for someone's birthday!

Thank you very much to all of you and we are hoping to see you really soon in our restaurant, love from Gabriela and Hajo

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